What is Acme Farms + Kitchen?

We are Whatcom + Skagit County's simple solution to eating locally produced food.  We not only find amazing growers and suppliers, we provide the tips, tools, and kits to make it fun!  All you have to do is shop online and we will deliver your order to your home or office.  

At Acme Farms + Kitchen we are committed to supplying REAL food. Shop with us and…

  • Know WHERE and HOW your food is produced
  • Help support local agriculture and build a truly sustainable food system
  • Spend less time at the store and more time enjoying yummy food

 Join today, you will not be disappointed! 

How does it work?

Start Shopping!
Shopping is simple and fun, just load your basket with great local food and when you are finished, hit checkout and follow all of the steps until you receive an order confirmaton code.  The only thing you need to remember is that all orders are due on Monday BEFORE 10am for pick up or delivery on Thursday/Friday.  Also, when your place your first order, make sure to add the box-bag-bottle deposit that is located on the first screen when you click on Store.  This is a fully refundable deposit for the use of AF+K property.  If you decide to stop ordering, just return all your boxes, bags, milk bottles, and ice packs and we will refund your $30.
Create a New Account!
Once you finish loading your basket with amazing local food and your property deposit, hit checkout and you will be prompted to enter your account info OR create your new account.  Select "New Account" and fill in your information.

Delivery + Pick Up
Picking up your order is always free.  Just stop by our Bellingham location at 3296 Irongate Rd, Unit D on Thursdays between 4-6.  If this is not convenient for you, we are happy to deliver it to your home or workplace for a small fee of $4 [it may be slightly more if you live far, far away].  If you do not pick up your order on Thursday, you will need to make arrangements to pick up the order on Friday between 10-2.

Although there is no formal commitment, to help our farmers and suppliers plan, we appreciate you ordering consistently either weekly or every other week.  We also ask that each order placed be at least $45.  If you have a Locavore or Farmers Choice Box on automatic order, your additional order does not need to be over $45.  We will see your autobill order and will add the custom items to the order for no additional delivery fee.

Frequently Asked Questions?


What do I do if something is missing from my order?

Please email us by clicking here.

Is there a minimum weekly order?

Yes.  Each time you place your order, it must exceed $45.  Our mission is to create a truly sustainable food system by supporting MULTIPLE farmers and food producers.  We believe a commitment from our members to support locally produced food at a $45 level is both reasonable and affordable.  There are so many wonderful ways to support agriculture in Whatcom County, and if you are simply looking for high quality produce, we suggest you contact Osprey Hill Farm to learn about their CSA.

Is everything offered on your website Certified Organic?

Almost all of our produce is USDA Certified Organic.  We also offer milk, cheese, grains, fruit and meat that are also certified organic, however the bottom line for all our products is that they must be produced in a sustainable and sensitive way, but they are not required to be certified.  We know our farmers, and we know where and how your food is being produced.  

What is a CSK?

A CSK is a Community Supported Kitchen.  We are like a CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] but now we take locally harvested food to the next level by preserving it for the off season, and by using it to create nutrient dense meals.  Check out our AF+K Meal Kits to see what's currently being offered.

What do you produce / farm in Acme?

We are currently producing lots of amazing produce, blueberries and fruit trees were planted a year ago, and we also have a bison heard.  If you are serious about learning to farm, please contact us, our farm cooperative both encourages and supports new farmers.

Why did you start AF+K?

The number one reason we started AF+K was because we wanted to know where and how our food was produced.   We also wanted someone to make it simple to buy high quality clean food AND support local producers.

Contact AF+K

Send us an email


The Founders

A Dream Realized

Joy and Cara are busy moms who have set out to make eating locally produced food simple.  They are both trained as architects, they both have small children, and they both LOVE food. This project has opened their eyes to the true value of food, the challenges of farming, and the opportunity to develop a truly sustainable food system. Expect a lot from these women, they have big plans to build a strong local food system.